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Flashback Friday – Lake Wakatipu

Too Much Of A Person

When I was small I would visit my Aunt’s house on weekends and be amazed by her collection of movies. She had a tall bookcase crammed with the sturdy shells of VHS tapes, organised roughly by genre. Although I was... Continue Reading →


You are asleep beside me. The electric glow of city lights shine in from my bedroom window, painting your outline in the softest shades of silver. I am trying to stay as still as possible by taking soft shallow breaths,... Continue Reading →

Flashback Friday – Rishikesh India

Graffiti on a wall in Rishikesh, India. February 2016. Rishikesh was an interesting town, despite being the most touristy place we visited on our trek (apart from New Delhi, of course). I feel this is photo is my inspiration for... Continue Reading →

The Art of Selling Yourself

My contract is about to end at my current job, so I have begun the arduous task of hunting for "my next adventure". When I took the position 9 months ago, I knew I was taking a risk leaving permanent... Continue Reading →

The Female Characters Who Shaped Me

The past few months have been a bit tough so  I thought I should remind myself of some of the BAMF women/characters/music video aesthetics that helped shape me into the rather awesome person that I am. (I'm still not over... Continue Reading →

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