Lily is an almost 30-year-old single Sydneysider trying to decide how to progress with her love life, career and general adulthood. Things become complicated when her bikini model flatmate and friend Simone starts dating her crush Jack Winter. Jack also happens to be the new talent on the cooking segment Lily produces for The The Wrong GirlDaily Show. 

I found The Wrong Girl a fun, easy read, which was probably helped along by the fact that I am a Sydney girl of comparable age. While most of the characters were a bit over the top in their different personalities (model with a party problem, manic pixie dream girl, douchebag male friend, incompetent boss, etc), I admit I could identify people in my own life that could loosely fit the mold of most of them. Except the drug addicted model.

There was potential for more development of certain storylines, such as the douchebag friend, and it felt like any time there was going to be some serious drama Zoe stepped back from the edge. The overall result was a little too marshmallowy for my tastes but nonetheless the final page of the book left me with a cheesy grin on my face.

Ideal reading if you’re 25-30, looking for something easy to devour and like books that wrap up all the storylines.