2017I’m a visual person. I am also prone to becoming anxious about the banality of life, so usually I like to map out my year on one of those officey-type wall calendars. As I don’t really have space for one in my flatshare I thought I could map it out on here instead.

A Summer Of Gigs
I used to be a gig junkie, thanks to one of my closest friends. We would be at shows constantly – one of my favourite memories is just the feeling of bliss of singing along to The Black Parade as she drove us home from a gig (yes we were a little emo). So after years of no concerts, I can’t contain my excitement about having four shows lined up in three months. Jimmy Eat World, Bruce Springsteen, Frightened Rabbit and Adele. I’m also trying to scrounge the funds for Amanda Palmer.

Roadtrip to Dubbo
I bought a new car last year and I cannot wait to drive it across the New South Wales countryside in March. A friend is joining me on a weekend getaway to Western Plains Zoo and also Mudgee. Lions and tigers and wine! Oh my!

My Birthday In New Zealand
My last couple of birthdays have been lacklustre. This year I am meeting my old gig buddy in the land of the long white cloud for another mini road trip. I’m yet to see the South Island so I just can’t wait.

A New Job
My current contract is due to end in April but instead of being worried I am excited about the idea of branching out and trying something different. The past two years have helped me see what I like and what I dislike at work, so hopefully it helps me find the perfect fit for me.

A New Flat
This one is optional. I am comfortable where I am and get along well with my flatmate, but I would love to start my own flatshare where I have choice over decor, in a suburb more suited to my personality and hopefully the potential for pets.

Halloween In New York
I may not have the funds for this trip yet, but I am damn excited about the idea of going to New York for Halloween with a friend who lives in Scotland. Halloween is my favourite holiday so it gives me chills of anticipation to think about spending it in one of the best cities in the world with one of my favourite people in the world.

Hogmanay in Edinburgh
This one is little more than a pipe dream at the moment, however if I manage to save enough and still have enough leave I would love to go back to Scotland for New Year’s Eve.